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    ailway Stations of London


     To produce a body of photographic images that illustrate the character, and embody the cultural identity of London England--as represented through the architecture of its railway stations.


     To identify which rail stations have significance based upon historical and other cultural information. From this information, photographic images been made that document and illustrate these architectural works--during the spring/summer of the year 2001. This body of work will be assembled into two groupings. First, a traveling exhibition of this work will be created. Second, an image-based publication will be produced from these photographs.

    Geographic Boundaries:

    The central London area, and its surrounding areas, will be the geographic focus for this project.

    (The table below illustrates some of the candidates for study: it is not intended to be an all-inclusive list.)


    The following British Rail stations will be considered as subjects for study.

    Blackfriars | Cannon Street |  City Thameslink | Farringdon

    Fenchurch Street | Liverpool Street | London Bridge

    Moorgate | Old Street

    The following historic rail stations will be considered as subjects for study.

    Charing Cross | Euston

    Kings Cross | Marylebone

    Paddington | St. Pancras | Victoria



    The visual form that this work has taken will conveys the beauty and strength of both the architecture, and the society who created these structures.

    That is, because the primary means of research is in visual form, the imagery produced here will be the central theme of this project. Of course the narrative that will accompany these images will strongly support the historical and academic bases, from which the underlying premise for the development of this work has been derived.


    The last significant work that was produced regarding the examination of railway stations in London was published in 1972, with a reprint in 1978. Therefore, this new body of work will serve in a number of ways. For example:


    Promotion of trade and cultural exchange:

    This body of work is both artistic in nature, and serves documentary functions as well. This being the case, a traveling exhibition of this work may be utilized to heighten awareness of British culture, as well as to serve in the capacity of cultural enlightenment and exchange.


    This project has received research funding from several sources. Currently support is being sought for the final phases of the project: publication and exhibition expenses.


    Contact Information:

     If you will like to lend support to the development of this body of work, please contact:

    Dr. Joseph A. Ippolito

    Phone: 850-668-9628 (USA)
    Fax: 419-858-1670 (USA)
    Fax: 0870-133-3538 (UK)

    News Flash

    It is Official ! 

    The location-based photographic aspects the photographic phase of this project occurred during late April and May of the year 2001.


    A view of works in the rough...

    The following links will bring you to galleries of London Rail Photographs. These works are not the final refined versions of the images in this project, but a glimpse of the rough edit of photographs.






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