Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Joseph A. Ippolito
3516 Trillium Court, Tallahassee, FL 32312, USA

Summary of Qualifications

An international speaker and author in the field of digital imaging, Dr. Ippolito is currently professor of electronic imaging and photography at the Florida A & M University. He holds six degrees in areas ranging from photographic illustrations through art, to electronic imaging. He has been invited to present at conferences in relation to photography and electronic imaging around the world. He has given lectures in locations ranging from Sydney Australia to Beijing China, and Yerevan / Gumri Armenia to London England ... to name a few.

Has experience in
: New Emerging Technologies, Distance Education, Information Technology, Electronic Imaging, Communications and Publications, Internet Development, Interactive Media, Advertising, Digital Photography, Multimedia, Design, Documentary Photography, Industrial Photography, Illustrative Commercial Photography, Nature and Landscape Photography, Photography and Electronic Imaging, Graphic Arts, Graphic Design, Photography for Special Interest Publications and Management, Audiovisual Presentations, Studio Lighting, Advanced Photographic Sensitometry, and Alternative Processes and Systems.

Curriculum development and design for post-secondary education, critical analysis and dissemination of innovations and interactive educational models.

Skills: Instructional Media Development, Development Interactive Systems for Training, Education Service, Learning and Distance Education Media Development, Commercial and Industrial Photography, Technical Photography, Photography for Graphic Arts, B&W and Color Photographic Processing and Printing, Digital Graphics, Publications Design, Graphics and Digital Image integration fpr media presentations and computer / multimedia, programming in HTML for the Internet publication, Graphic Design for books, publications, posters, catalogs, brochures, press releases and other printed materials of all kinds.

Post-secondary curriculum development and design for electronic imaging. Teaching, administration and technical support for post-secondary programs in electronic imaging and photography.

Formal Education

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 1995
Specialization in Emerging Electronic Imaging Technologies
The Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) 1992
Specialization in Interactive Media Installations
The Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Master of Science (MS) 1991
Specialization in Curriculum Development for Emerging Technologies and Electronic Imaging
The Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) 1986 and

Associate of Applied Science (AAS) 1986
Major: Professional Photographic Illustration
Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY

Associate of Science (AS) 1983
Major: Photographic Technology
Brevard Community College, Cocoa, FL

Certifications and Post-Doctoral Courses

International TEFL Certification
i-to-i Language Institute (TEFL/TESL,) Leeds, United Kingdom

Specialist Certificate: Grammar 2008
i-to-i Language Institute (TEFL/TESL,) Leeds, United Kingdom

Specialist Certificate Studies  2009
i-to-i Language Institute (TEFL/TESL,) Leeds, United Kingdom

Spanish Language Certificate: Advanced Level 1 2007
Costa Rican Language Academy (CRLA), San Jose, Costa Rica


·     English

·     Spanish (Certificate of Spanish: Advanced Level I) 

Professional Experience

► Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU,) Tallahassee, FL, USA

School of Journalism and Graphic Communication
1988 to present (2011)

▪ Professor of Electronic Imaging
Positions held
: Associate Professor, Assistant Professor / Photography Area Manager / Instructor, University Photographer

Duties: Teaching upper-division and graduate courses in photography and design. Additionally, teaching of laboratory and studio courses ranging from basic photography to advanced commercial and electronic photography has been performed. Teaching continuing education courses in photography and advising and teaching all photography students in the areas of; photographic laboratory/studio work, aesthetic, critical and analytical interpretation, and product finishing and presentation. Additional teaching activity has been in Graphic Design areas such as; electronic imaging, presentations, color and color theory, publication design, and Internet publication and research.

Research has been in the areas of curricular development for emerging information technologies, Faculty/Student training, media development and emerging/information technology developments and assessment.

Supervision of employees in the area of ​​photography, and coordination of schedules and tasks. Additionally has been responsible for the administration, coordination and maintenance of all university photography facilities, and has been responsible for budgeting and procurement.

Has also been responsible for the development photographic curriculum in coordination with the faculty of graphic arts, photography, graphic design and journalism. He has served on committees such as; curriculum, accreditation, faculty, facilities and graduate students at the school and university levels..

Research has been in the areas of curricular development for emerging information technologies, faculty/student training, media development and Emerging/information technology developments and assessment.

Other duties: Operation, coordination, maintenance, and management of ; One 15  and one 14 station B&W darkroom, one 12 station advanced color darkroom, numerous film processing laboratories, one commercial photography studio,  digital photography computer labs and control and maintenance of all photographic equipment. Photography for university publications and related photographic research has also been performed.


·        Doctoral Directive

·        Graduate Teaching Status


► Photo Imaging Education Association  (PIEA), Jackson, MI, USA
2002 to the present

Vice President and Webmaster  Previous titles include: President, Director

2006 to (2010)

Duties: Design and technical innovation and maintenance of the PIEA worldwide website. Infrastructre development in html, xhtml, css, javascript, PHP, mySQL, Content Management System (CMS), Online courseware development via Moodle, Discussion board implementation, Interactive technological developments in the areas of data submission and database archiving.

Other duties: Website creation and development and publication for the peer-reviewed Online Academic PIEA Journal for Photography Education.

Statewide Course Numbering System (SCNS)
Department of Education of the State of Florida,
Tallahassee, FL, USA

Discipline Coordinator of Graphic Arts
1993 to present (2011)

Duties: Manages all requests for new courses or changes to statewide course numbering system for graphic arts. Monitors all course changes for the state of the Florida for  private and public institutions in the SCNS system. Approves all courses and curriculum changes for more than 70 universities in the State of Florida.

Freelance Photography / Graphic and Web Design
1980-present (2011)

► Aerospace Corporation Oneirus
Cape Canaveral, FL, USA
1986 - 1988

Director of Media Services / Image Specialist (CEO's Staff )

: Control and coordination of all photography, video, and multimedia equipment, personnel, and productions. Photography for commercial, marketing, industrial, A/V, and computerized graphics presentations. Computer graphics and digital image integration and design for interactive presentations and video applications.

Brevard Community College
Cocoa, FL
1987 - 1988
Photography Instructor

Duties: Preparation of class materials, Lecturing, Performance analysis and evaluation, and related research.

Communicator Associates
Indialantic, FL
Communications Specialist

Duties: Photographic illustration for commercial publications, Photography for the graphic arts, Digital phototypesetting on the Compugraphic MCS 8400, Tele-typesetting, Graphic Design and layout for various corporate and commercial media, and computer art and typesetting on the IBM platform.


References are available on request