Giuseppe Antonio Ippolito



hotography is a medium that allows me to subtractively interpret the world around me. These photographs represent a cross-section of that vision, from my adventures is such places as; Bratislave Slovenská Rebublika, Budapest Hungary, Praha České Republika, Leipzig Deutschland, Toscana Italia, New York USA, and other locations.

The intentional diversity of images, which range from picturesque landscapes through macroscopic views of man’s impact on his/her environment, editorially speak to the larger relationship of mankind and the environment in which he/she lives.

From beautiful to bizarre, these images capture the dichotomy of societal presence.

Of course, in the end, when asked “what is it?” my answer remains consistent…


It's an Image!





All Images are ©  1994-2003 Joseph  A. Ippolito, All Rights Reserved.

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